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          F.Y. wheel hub specialized in the manufacturing of First ,Zsecond and Third generation wheel hub bearings . Until now, we have developed more than 200 kinds of wheel hub bearings,and among them,the monthly output of second and thid generation wheel hub bearings is about 40,000 sets.With advanced research and development technology of wheel hub bearings,top-ranking equipments and perfect means of inspection ,all of our products are manufactured and tested strictly accord with the SO/TS16949 standards; the performance indicator for each technology is comparable with those similar products in China, and has won the recognition and trust of people in all works of life with its perfect services.

          Products Introduction

          Suspension Series

          Water Pump Series

          Wheel Hub Bearings

          Rubber Series

          Contact Us

          • +86-574-88006331/88006329
          • +86-574-88006327
          • [email protected]
          • Mr. Shen
          • No.73-79,Jixing Road,Jishigang Industrial District
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